The Pit And The Pendulum: Movie Vs. Book

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The Pit and the Pendulum: Movie vs. Book

The movie "The pit and the Pendulum" was nothing at all like the book. The movie started out as a man walked along the ocean to enter a huge castle. His sister had moved there when she married Dom Madena, but now she was dead. The castle was used to torture Catholics during the Inquisition. Dom Madena believes that the castle has an atmosphere of torture thick with death, and that led to the death of his sister. The doctor said she died of fright. They buried her in a tomb below the castle.
As child Dom Madena saw his father torture and kill his father's brother and his own wife. He accused them of adultery. His father didn't torture his mother to death, he buried her alive. Dom Madena thought that he buried his wife alive. Then one night someone was playing the harpsichord just like his wife did. Another time a servant heard his wife whispering to her. Then one night someone trashed her room.
Dom Madena, also called Nicholas, heard his wife calling him. He went through a secret passageway until he entered the room of all the torturing devices. He goes to his wife grave, which they dug up to prove she was dead, and she popped out of her grave. She chased him through the dungeon until they met with the doctor. Then Nicholas fainted, and his wife, who never really died, told him that it was all scheme. She and the doctor were having an affair. He chased the doctor and he fell into a pit and died...
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