The Pieces Of Sovereign Erotics

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As a collection, Sovereign Erotics centers on the voices of indigenous, non-binary, two-spirit artists in an attempt to fill a gap in currently available works of trans, queer, and indigenous literature. "Collaboritively, the pieces of Sovereign Erotics demonstrate not only the radical diversity between and among today 's GLBTQ2 writers, but also the beauty, strength, and pride of GLBTQ2 people in the twenty-first century" (14). This collection, to simply exist, is an act of resistance against the centuries of violence, genocide, humiliation and dehumanization that generations of Indigenous LGBTQ and Two-Spirit people have experienced, and, sadly, continue to experience. Modern sexuality can be and often is a colonizing force. Each piece included in the collection of Sovereign Erotics asserts “the decolonial potential of Native two-spirit/queer people healing from heteropatriarchal gender regimes” (3). Many tribes and nations did have different ways of conceptualizing genders, in a way that is both useful to and distinct from current narratives and discourses that could reflect that line of thinking. By continuing to impose colonial sexuality conceptions upon it, indigenous identities continue to be erased, varied and different cultures, and the fact that we are different people and nations. "Indian women expressing the erotic is almost as frightening to America as if the skeletal witnesses in anthropology departments and national museums had suddenly risen from their boxes and begun to testify" (3). Sexuality is recognized as part of individual experiences as indigenous peoples who exists in nations that continue their imperialistic actions, policies, and violence. Luna Maia 's poem, "authenitcally ethnic" (124-125) confronts... ... middle of paper ... ...lly and theoretically about two-spirit identity, as well as the importance of having a decolonizing term or a safe place to talk about the reality of being both queer and Indigenous. "The mythology of a nation built on ‘discovery,’ ‘democracy,’ and ‘manifest destiny’ begins to fall apart, and the old foundation, bereft of bones, cannot hold it up" (3). Sovereign Erotics is a testament to the generations of love, hurt, and joy that has been experienced and now passed down because two-spirit people and the communities they inhabit continue to exist. "The collection is certainly not a beginning nor is it an end. It is a tool to continue imagining and building our future together" (14). Each story shared builds on a foundation for future generations to continue to grow in their exploration of the distinct spaces they occupy in terms of race, gender, and colonized history.
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