The Pianist

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Loud noises ripped her away from her semi-meditative state. Madeline opened her eyes and saw that she had arrived at Mystic Falls High School. She allowed herself enough time to get her bearings, having not been around as many people during the summer, and made her way across the parking lot. She saw her sister coming out of the car with Bonnie, pushing away the voice in her mind that told her to confront her sister about the missed ride to school. She sighed quietly and looked down, determined not to give anyone her attention. As Madeline walked, she failed to notice the new student in the office and people’s reaction to said person, as well as failing to notice her sister going in to the boy’s bathroom to scold their brother over him taking drugs. She was determined not to get caught up in any way. She had enough things to deal with; she didn’t need people adding more.
She quickly made it to her first class of the year, history. As much as history fascinated her, Mr. Tanner seemed to suck the life out of it.
“Once our home state of Virginia joined the confederacy in 1861, it created a tremendous amount of tension within the state. People in Virginia…” Tanner continued to drone on and on, but at that point, Madeline had no desire to listen. She inconspicuously looked around the classroom and spotted Bonnie sending a text to Elena. She watched on as Elena and some guy Madeline did not recognize, exchange glances. Her eyes squinted as she tried to put a name to his, admittedly, handsome face. Coming up with nothing, Madeline swiftly concluded that he was new to the lovely town that was Mystic Falls. Too involved in her thoughts, Madeline almost didn’t notice that class had ended. She quickly scooped up her books and fled the cl...

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...ster that didn’t acknowledge Madeline unless it suited her needs. Her sister that would sometimes torment her, because she could. Madeline hated every hurtful thing Elena said to her; she hated that they were all true. Madeline knew that she was a burden on the family, she fucking knew that everyone would have it easier if she wasn’t around. She fucking knew this.
But did she give a shit?
No, Madeline was a survivor. She didn’t care that her existence was bothersome. She was going to get the hell out of this fucked up town, maybe go to New Orleans. She somehow knew it’d be the city for her. She didn’t know why but she just did.
Madeline shook her head and sighed as she opened the door to her home.
“I’m home!” She yelled, although she knew nobody was home. She trudged to the kitchen and made herself dinner. She quickly cleaned up and fled to her room to go to sleep.