The Physical Benefits Of Yoga

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Yoga “Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of the existence, the way it is made.” Sadhguru says. Yoga is a spiritual exercise that involves concentrated deep breathing, mediation, and the formation of certain body positions. Yoga promotes good health and relaxation. Yoga has many health benefits. Some physical benefits you gain from yoga are flexibility, muscle strength, and weight loss. Some mental benefits you gain are positive energy, anxiety and stress relief, and relaxation. I have gained many benefits from yoga and it has increased my overall health greatly. Yoga has become a huge part of my life in many ways. I suffer from anxiety panic disorder and yoga is a very common physical activity for people who struggle from this illness. Yoga helps me cope with my anxiety and racing thoughts and brings me back to reality. One of the main things in Yoga is breathing and breathing helps with anxiety and stress. Breathing in yoga…show more content…
A few of my favorites and most popular are Tadasana, to do this pose you stand with your feet together evenly on the ground and lift up through and with the top of your head. This pose promotes excellent balance and depth perception. Warrior 2, for this pose you stand with your feet wide apart and bend your front knee 90 degrees and reach your arms all the way out to your sides. This pose eases your mind, it calms you down and brings you back to reality. Downward Facing Dog, to do this pose you go on all fours with your hips up. This pose strengthens your spine and shoulders, it benefits your physical body. My last favorite pose is The Tree, this pose you stand up straight and bend one knee and lay your foot flat on the side of your inner thigh. This pose promotes good balance and I find it to be the most relaxing pose for myself. I love yoga and all the endless positions you can do, I wish i had started it
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