The Phoenix Art Museum: The Impact of Art

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As an avid supporter of the arts, immediately I was drawn to the Phoenix Art Museum as my choice for a building of cultural interest in Arizona. However, my main reason for choosing this location is that it has introduced me to new ideas, concepts, and works of art, which in turn have sparked creativity and imagination within me. For instance, upon stepping inside this sleek and modern building, one is met with a massive round light display in the lobby, which is both intriguing and beautiful to look at. Seeing art pieces like this immediately makes oneself more cultured and aware of the different ways artists express themselves in their work. It is crucial for young people such as myself to experience and come to appreciate art, which is why the Phoenix Art Museum is such an important building in Arizona. Without this museum, Arizona would be severely lacking in culture, not to mention without a focal point of tourism in the city. For these reasons, I chose the Phoenix Art Museum as my building of cultural interest.

Beginning on November 21, 1959, Arizona was infused with a rush of culture when the Phoenix Art Museum, the largest art destination in the Southwest, opened it’s doors. The Museum’s collection holds more than 18,000 works of American, Asian, European, Latin American, modern and contemporary art (“About the Museum”). Not only does the Museum host an impressive amount and variety of works, it is a wonderful asset to those in the community who are eager to learn more about the art world. To illustrate, it has been a community center since its opening, and offers year-round events including festivals, performances, art films, and education programs (“About the Museum”). Before 1959, Arizona did not have a location ded...

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... them the ability to become more cultured and aware of the beauty and inspiration that one can take away from experiencing art in all different forms. With the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona has been given the honor of being able to reach people from all different lifestyles, backgrounds, and places to come together in once place to be exposed to the wonderful world of art, as well as a way of boosting the economy in an exciting and intriguing way.

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  • Concludes that the phoenix art museum is a city building that has and continues to positively impact both the culture and economy of arizona.
  • Explains the phoenix art museum - experience art and culture in arizona.
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