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The country I want to do for the Working for Good Festival is the Philippines. The Philippines, or also known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a country made up entirely out of islands. It is located in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the neighboring countries to the Philippines are Taiwan and Vietnam. The reason why I want to do the Philippines is because my grandma is Filipino and I wanted to learn more about the culture. I know a little bit about the culture and what I know I can use in my research. The problem that is happing in the Philippines that recently happened is typhoon that struck on November 2013. The Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, a country almost close to ninety million people. The storm killed around ten thousand people in that country alone. That is why I want to do my research paper on the Philippines
The Filipino history started off with Portuguese navigator named Ferdinand Magellan, explored the Philippines in 1521. Twenty-one years later, a Spanish exploration party designated the group of islands in accolade of Prince Philip, who was later became to be known as King Philip II of Spain. Spain kept possession of the islands for the next three hundred fifty years. The Philippines were given to the United States in 1899 by the Treaty of Paris after the Spanish-American War. While the war was happening a treaty was signed, Emilio Aguinaldo the Pilipino leader at the, declared independence for the country. The United States didn’t want that to happen. The Filipinos started a guerrilla warfare against United States troops that ended when Emilio Aguinaldo's capture on March 23, 1901. In 1902, the Philippines made peace with all its neighboring areas except for for the Islami...

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...thers died in other parts of the central and southern Philippines. The government disaster agency said it could confirm only about one hundred fifty deaths so far from Typhoon Haiyan, although the president said it is expected the number to rise significantly:” (Interior Secretary Mar Roxas). “In Manila said people on the ground were reporting an estimated one thousand deaths on Leyte Island, where Tacloban is, and about two hundred on the neighboring island of Samar” (Red Cross). Some meteorologists said the storm, called Yolanda in the Philippines, hit land with sustained winds above 190 miles per hour, while others reported winds of 150 miles per hour. Some parts in the country thought the Philippines might have been spared high fatalities because the storm had moved so quickly, but they did not know that it had caused a serious storm surge, at least in Tacloban.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they want to do a research paper on the philippines for the working for good festival because their grandma is filipino and wanted to learn more about the culture.
  • Explains that the philippines was given to the united states in 1899 by the treaty of paris after the spanish-american war. the philippines made peace with all its neighboring areas except for for the islamic moros.
  • Explains that the philippines began with the president manuel quezon, who was succeeded by vice president sergio osmea.
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