The Phenomenon Of Violent School Violence

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The Phenomenon of Violence in Vietnamese Schools
School violence is one of serious problem in recent years in Viet Nam with a series of fights in and out of school. It is booming and increasing at a alarming rate. School violence is not only male students participated but also female students. There are 96,7 percent of students witness violent situations and participate fighting with some organizations outside school (Vietnam, 2010). This is really worried towards education. In addition, students use weapons like scissor, razor blade, knife and sharp objects to attack other students because of some contradictions. The reasons lead school violence to come from movies, and violent games; thus, affecting the thinking and actions in life. The other reason is from family. The parents just focus on their work that do not care and educate their children. Furthermore, school and society lack attention to students, also are a reason cause violent school. The good learning environment is basic thing help students have proper actions and awareness. Therefore, the purpose of the report shows the reason why the phenomenon of violence in Vietnamese school become a serious problem in education system.
During school time, nobody can avoid conflicts, frictions with the surrounding friends and teachers. However, in the past, that is very simple thing in school because they quarrel to find out what is wrong and right in every problem, to practice speaking sorry, thank you, and sometimes have more new friends. But now, these problems are not merely a controversy within the school, it seems to influence legal categories.

Driving forces
With the violent games and movies, students ' psychology is impacted by violent images and behav...

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...e result of violent school in school brings negative trend in education. The violence is repeated many times will cause physical injury or psychological victims and adversely affect learning environment because students do not feel safe right in their own schools. There were many students refused to go to school for fear of being friends and teachers teased, beaten. This shows that the school environment is no longer healthy, attractive and fear of students.


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