The Pharaoh's Role In Ancient Egypt

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Egypt is an interesting country to learn about. Sure, you probably already a little bit about ancient Egypt. You have probably already heard that they have snakes, there are pyramids, and it is located on the Nile River but my question is what else do you know? Do you know anything about their government, religion, and about the pharaoh’s role? Well, if you don’t you are about to find out. Ancient Egypt has been divided into three main time periods: the old kingdom, middle kingdom, and the new kingdom. The establishment of the old kingdom had taken place around 3200 BC ("Leave a Comment Ancient Egypt Timeline…”) and had the most direct power during this time frame (“The Government of Ancient Egypt”). Believe it or not, the government had…show more content…
One example was the sun god who was recognized the most in the Egyptian religion. At dawn he could be a Khepri, a god that was in a form of a beetle that rolled the sun disk toward the eastern horizon (Hart 24). Pharaohs had the authoritative role in ancient Egypt and were worshiped just like the gods. Having the most power in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh owned all the land and the people. While the pharaoh was still living he had the responsibility to keep the land in the condition where people can live there and would not starve, but if he died the role could have been passed on to his eldest son (Jovinelly28).
Re, the Egyptian sun god, had a purpose for the pharaohs and that was to rule over the land. The Egyptian reign was based on the power of godly rights. One Pharaoh said: “I will settle firm decrees for Harakhty. He begat me to do what should be done for him, to accomplish what he commands to do, He appointed me shepherd of this land, knowing him who would herd it for him. He gave to me what he protects, what the eye in him illuminates. He who does all as he desires conveys to me what he wants known, I am king by nature, ruler to whom one does not give. I conquered as a fledgling, I lorded in the egg, I ruled as a youth…. [Mine is the land], its length and breadth, I was nursed to be a conqueror. Mine is the land, I am its lord, my power reaches heaven’s height. I excel by acting for my maker, pleasing the god with what he gave. [I am] his son and his protector, he gave me to conquer what he conquered” (“The Pharaoh- Man, Ruler, and
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