The Persuasive Essay: The Use Of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been a major controversy among the years, especially in the last few years since marijuana is becoming such a big and well-known thing. Not many people actually know why marijuana was banned in the first place. It was actually the tobacco industry that wanted it to be illegal because of its “mind altering effects”. Which anyone that smokes marijuana knows that is not a real thing. The tobacco industry was afraid that bud, a product of the “mind altering” plant, would soon overpower the strong hold of tobacco since it was a more experimental, much more enjoyable, and less expensive. It is also very easy to grow, especially in places such as Colorado, California and Kentucky, or places with a lot of plantation areas. Since the time when marijuana first became illegal it has been compared with other narcotics as the same kind of drugs. The truth is marijuana has many benefits to society, and has very few negatives. Those that are against legalizing marijuana try to put it in the same light as other more potent drugs like cocaine and heroin. There are many misconceptions about the substance and I wish people would realize that they have no correspondence with those other bad and addicting drugs and I am about to try and make you see why I think…show more content…
You see the world in a whole different light. You get creative with ideas such as coloring, drawing and just thinking about things. According to Gucci Mane on, he says, “Usually I like to smoke weed alone, but this makes me want to be in a cypher. The vibe of this just makes me want to be in this music video, bouncing slow, in a circle of people, hitting a blunt, like, socially.” A cypher is basically a group of 2 to how ever many people freestyling back and forth to a beat behind them. Weed helps you use your mind in ways you wouldn’t understand or even think

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