The Personality And Differences Of A Small Town Vs. Small City

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Both the bright city lights and vast, sweeping spaces of undeveloped country have their diehard fans. While some simply cannot stomach the thought of moving away from the fast pace of city life, others could never imagine living outside of their small town. While both community sizes meet the basic needs of human life, the day-to-day routine of a small-town professional is much different from that of a big-city businessperson. Both lifestyles have something to offer, and each certainly has its merits. Because of this, the right choice of where to live truly depends on an individual’s personality and preferences. One of the key components of a small town is an individual’s lack of anonymity. In the majority of small towns, it is unusual for a resident to venture outside of his or…show more content…
They generally enjoy fast-paced life lived on a tight schedule. Much of the population is very driven and are set on improving their place in society. Because of this mentality, most are constantly on the move, absorbed with their personal goals and spending less time interacting with others in their community in a meaningful way. This is a perfect scenario for those who tend to enjoy high stress are easily bored. However, it can easily become overwhelming for the individual with a more relaxed personality. A direct result of this difference in the pace of life between a large city and small town is the type and selection of jobs available to residents. As stated before, small-town dwellers generally have less desire to “climb the ladder” of a large corporation. This trait fits perfectly into the professional culture of small-town life, since these communities tend to have a plethora of locally-owned businesses. Often, these are family businesses that are passed down through multiple generations. This is the perfect situation for many, but for those with a desire for career advancement might feel
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