The Personal Experience Of The Stock Market Game

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Part 1: Personal Experience The stock market game is a great way to learn and understand how stocks work. I ended up learning that going all in and shorting stocks was the quickest way to make money. Unfortunately, it is also the best way to experience the slaughter when stocks go other than what you predict. In the beginning, I did not truly understand how to play the stock game. I was afraid and put clumps of money in different stocks. The cost was hundreds and hundreds of dollars that. Slowly as I tested shorting with Sunedison (SUNE) I began making up the money that I lost. Eventually I ended up shorting and covering every stock I bought. I learned to read the graphs and analyze the news to attempt to predict how the market would turn. I also…show more content…
Just my luck that, the market started tanking and dropped by the hundreds almost every day. The moral of the whole game, is basically to know what you are buying. In the beginning of the game The game was extremely exciting for me. It had its ups and a major let down that gave me an essay. The game also took over my life.I checked the stock market every day since I found out how easy it was to make money. I had my phone taken away in English because I saw the stock market plummeting. The stock market is something that I actually woke up for and because of that, I ended up going to school on time for around a good 3 weeks. I was consumed by the game. It chewed me up and spat me out like moldy cheese. This game is also my biggest let down of the year. I was another thousand away from not doing an essay. Then it all changed when the market decided to plummet and destroy everything. I think this is as worse than Romeo and Juliet and Titanic combined.

Part 2: Stock Market Basics A stock market is where stocks are traded, or in other words, bought or sold. A stock is a share, or a essentially a small ownership of a company. For instance Google

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