The Persecution of Christians Today

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The Persecution of Christians Today

The persecution of minority groups has been well documented throughout history.

These documentations have been mostly of people of one race, culture, or ethnicity;

persecuting another based on the belief that one race is superior to the other. In the case

of Christianity, however, the documentation of the persecution has been kept to a

minimum. In fact, it is rare to find a case in today’s world of the media reporting on the

persecution of Christians. The reports of the atrocities of the Jews during the Holocaust

where horrifying indeed, but equally horrifying are the accounts of the slaughter of

Christians in the first century A.D. The descriptions of the means of death that many

Christians faced during the early years of the Church leave one’s stomach uneasy to say

the least. Tortured, raped, and killed, simply for what they believed in, Christians faced

death almost willingly in some cases. Today the extent of the persecution of Christians

often depends on where an individual lives. In the United States, a “nation under God,”

Christians are quietly persecuted during everyday life. It is not seen as persecution by

non-Christians who live in the U.S., but as their right to freedom of speech to mock and

belittle Christians. In other parts of the world, however, the persecution is much more

severe. Maltreatment in areas of the Middle and Far East are often issues of life and

death. Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their belief in the Lord

Jesus Christ and their attempts to spread the good news of salvation to the lost. This

discrimination will not end anytime soon. It will be in the world until Jesus returns.

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