The Perks

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n this book the main character who name is Charlie and writes in a journal of whom he calls ‘’ friend ‘’ . In the book Charlie is going through a lot of up’s and down’s . He seems to think a lot about things around him and has a curious t way of thinking .
Charlie also finds some friends in the book, and they have many different perspectives . As he get to know his friends he is also getting to know his self as well. He has some physical feeling as well as emotional feelings. Like in the book he has some feelings for his friend Sam although he likes her and she has a boyfriend he would always like her . The physical feelings is probably when Charlie was in the Rocky Horror show and they have a part when Rocky and Janet were in their underwear and Charlie had an erection .
Charlie also explains to the reader about how around his birthday that he seems to fall in a dark deep place that frightens him and he can’t seem anything at a certain point.As I read more Charlie I find out that Charlie used to be close to his aunt Helen and that she had died.When Charlie was young him and his aunt Helen were always more than family.
Also Charlie is very smart ,and thats probably why his English teacher Bill . In the book Bill seems to give Charlie great books and with a meaning that could probably relate to Charlie.
Other than being smart he has some moments that he just doesn’t know about other things. Overall the main character Charlie is revealing his life as a shy , but exciting boy. Which also seems to surprise you. As read you would get to know Charlie and why he is the way he is . But in the end the book is great, exciting , and beautiful all in one.

Part 1
In the first part Charlie is coping with the death of his frien...

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...o be very special and a friend as well. And then graduation had came and Charlie’s brother had came to see his sister graduate . After the graduation they went to a club and Charlie gave everyone a gift and Sam’s and Patricks didn’t cost a thing. Then he starts crying . Sam Charlie and said that is overwhelming and that she is even scared to go to college . And then that high school is overwhelming too. On the last day of school Charlie say to the kid to the locker next to him and says I know. In the end Sam catches up with Charlie about what’s been going on like who Craig ( her ex boyfriend) broke up with her and how Patrick had been kissing Charlie.
What I have learned in this book that many quiet and shy people have many secrets that they have and that there is nothing wrong about being a wallflower. Also that the most people are fun and crazy all in one.
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