The Perfect Writing Program

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Students should leave a First Year Writing program (FYW) feeling confident in their writing abilities and skills. FYWs are designed to help students write effectively in all other subject areas and classes; therefore, FYWs should include several different genres of essays, multiple texts to read, and analytical work for the read texts. Correct use of grammar, formatting, punctuation, and other crucial components of writing should be reviewed in English 1101 classes and, by convention, can be exempt from lecture in English 1102 classes.
The first few weeks of English 1101 classes should touch base with all writing mechanics. Naturally, the students have already learned these concepts and rules in high school; however, they are very easy to forget when not in use. Instructors should review proper MLA formatting, the distinction between first, second, and third person, the use of passive and active voice, ways to eliminate trite phrases or expressions, and punctuation. If time permits, vocabulary tests would be beneficial to help students expand their vocabulary. Instructors should teach students how to lead into quotes effectively, and the importance of critical, relevant information versus “filler information” needs to be covered for any essay containing a word count or page minimum.
Professors of English 1101 classes should assign essays for all genres: expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. They should allow their students to pick their essay topic for each genre, though. When students are writing about something they have a passion for, the writing typically comes easier. This would be a great way to engage the students into thinking critically and writing well. Students in 1101 classes should be allowed one rewr...

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...cabulary tests, MLA quizzes, punctuation quizzes, and revising and editing given passages should be included in the course to give the student more grades. Writing portfolios are a great idea for another heftier grade. The writing portfolios should contain at least 15 pieces of work completed in the FYW plus a three-page reflection. The reflection can include anything the students struggled with, improved on, and wished was different about the course. The 15 pieces included in the portfolio need to be edited before being submitted. The portfolio will give the students a chance to see how their writing has improved throughout the semester, as well as practice putting together a portfolio of information, as many other subject areas require a portfolio of research. FYW programs should be designed to go above and beyond preparing students for all other academic writing.
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