The Perfect Matchup Of Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

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Throughout the history of the United States, presidential elections have brought forth many controversies for both the Democratic and Republican nominee. This year in particular many Americans know that the candidates aren’t the best that have been presented to date for selection. The perfect matchup of Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton stirs up many political debates regarding each candidate’s political agendas. Many democrats and republicans feel that the voting system has many faults. In the article "Trump and Clinton victorious: proof that the US voting system doesn’t work" created by Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki who are both mathematicians who have studied the traits of the current election process using their knowledge they create statistics to better support their claim. In the article it discusses the ineffectiveness of the U.S. Voting system and how it does not work efficiently. The article discusses many factors’ that affect the end result and success of the voting system. To prove the statement in the article the authors use statistical evidence and legitimate sources to better support such claims. In other words the candidates that were selected are not the majority voice of society. Many factors that are implemented in the current system fails to successfully represent the majority vote. In the article a better alternative is presented to resolve these problems in the current electoral selection for the presidency. In the essay the problem and solution will be identified. This proposed solution is the majority judgement system vs the majority vote system which is currently implemented. The article also discusses the problem with the current voting system and provides an in-depth resolution to such factors. The art... ... middle of paper ... ...d in the article is indeed a bias voting system because the article states an alternative winner other than the particular winner’s Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton that have won the primary. This shows that the authors do not support either candidate and would perhaps prefer Kasich or Sanders and the author’s state “Clinton and Trump are trailers”. This bias view can definitely affect the outcome of the creation of their system and could favor individuals on certain sides of the political spectrum. I do agree that we need an alternative voting system because our current system does not work efficiently. However the purposed solution does propose a good potential foundation but needs to be analyzed much more thoroughly in order to be certain that this is the alternative. The new alternative voting system has to be simplistic and unbiased to be effective in my opinion.

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