The Perfect Body Essay

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Society’s version of a “perfect body” has driven this generation wild. It has corrupted the minds of everyone making the people think they have to be skinny and fit, but not too skinny and not too fit; this is especially true for women. Women and men have had to hear how their bodies need to look all their lives for example, how they need to have curves but not too many curves, and if you are flat chested, you need more. Society has contradicted how all generations appearances need to reflect their opinions of a right or wrong body, and it has caused many issues for the people themselves, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa.
Society wants people to perceive its distorted reality by giving them false images that not every individual can attain. In today’s society, every day you are compared to another person or see another image making you want to strive to be like them. Peer pressure for being a certain body type can come in all sorts of ways like magazines, social media, television, and sometimes even in your own home. Having social media ranges on most ages, but eight to eighteen-year old’s are in contact with social media for at least seven and a half hours a day (Media, Body Image, and Eating
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In males eating disorders are on the rise, because they want leanness and the preferred body type (Statistics on Bulimia). Society has put such a strong pressure on us to always be in what they think is in “good shape”, when in reality what they call perfect is mostly edited. Most eating disorders begin, because of bullying, body shaming, weighing in schools, and pressure to be thin (Statistics on Bulimia). Society wants us to be their version of perfect, but in reality there is no such thing. Everyone is all different sizes, and we shouldn’t strive to be anyone else’s version of perfect, because it does not

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