The People in Night of the Scorpion and My Aunt in Pakistan

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The People in Night of the Scorpion and My Aunt in Pakistan

Compare the way in which the poet presents the people in Night of the

Scorpion and Presents from my Aunt in Pakistan.

We live in a world of many cultures and each has it is own way of

communicating and two very different poems reflect this. In order to

compare and contrast the traditions which have become apparent within

the poems; ‘Night of the Scorpion’ by Nissim Ezekiel and ‘Presents

from my Aunts in Pakistan’ by Moniza Alvi, further analysis must take

place. With retrospect of the poem ‘Night of the Scorpion’, the

content explains the reactions of the villagers and surroundings to an

incident whereby the poet’s mother was “stung by a scorpion”. It is

evident through comparison of the second poem; ‘Presents from my Aunts

in Pakistan’, differences between cultures and traditions produce

diverse reactions. A prime example of this is visible as Moniza Alvi

feels “an alien in the sitting room” when wearing clothing originating

from her native country.

In relation to ‘Night of the Scorpion’, the poet Ezekiel attempts to

identify with his personal memories of his mother as she “twisted

through and through, groaning on the mat.” Through deeper analysis,

it became indisputable that Ezekiel merely narrated the experience as

apposed to providing his individual viewpoint. Therefore, it became

noticeable that the vocabulary required further interpretation, as the

use of language within this poem articulates to the reader, the poet’s

line of thinking. An example of this was detectable as Ezekiel

displayed signs of sympathy towards the scorpion using the “steady

rain” as the reason it crawled “beneath a sack of rice.” Ezekiel’s

tone of voice aided th...

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... think extremely hard on

matters such as different cultures and traditions. Night of the

Scorpion was easier to understand even though the title was

misleading, nevertheless Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan showed how

hard it was to have been growing up in England and not knowing which

culture, you fitted into. I have learned from Presents from my Aunts

in Pakistan that it is important to know where come from, which I

think Moniza Alvi was lacking as a child. From Night of the Scorpion

I’ve learned that having faith can help you get through the most

serious of problems even if there life threatening. Over all I think

my favourite poem out of the two must be Night of the Scorpion, as I

think it has an excellent morel and gets it across really well. I also

like Night of the Scorpion because it make’s you think about the poem

long after you have read it!