The Pearl Greed Analysis

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Greed, the driving force behind all things evil, or is it? The Pearl by John Steinbeck displays that “there is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed” (Seuntjens and Zeelenberg 505). Greed has two motivations. The driving force behind them is either hunger, or desperation. Kino embodies the desperate nature of man to provide, whereas the others exhibit their deprivation for material objects. History has shown that even those with the best intentions have fallen into lust for wealth and power. Take Judas Iscariot for example. He desired money more than to be with his Master (18-19). Despite all of the temptations caused by greed, Kino stood firm for his family and didn’t give in.
The priest is one of the many people
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When Kino and Juana were in desperate need of help, the doctor wouldn’t come to their aid (11-12). Why would he stop by their house to check on the baby if not without selfish desires? Kino tells the doctor that he is able to pay him after he sells his pearl. Instead of telling Kino that he has heard of his good fortune, he decides to play dumb and says, “You have a pearl? A good pearl? ” (35).The villagers began to tell him about the amazing pearl that he found. “I have not heard of it,” he said. “Do you keep this pearl in a safe place? Perhaps you would like me to keep it in my safe?” (35) But Kino assured him that it was in a very safe place. The doctor was watching his eyes to see if Kino may look to where it was hidden. He told Kino, “it would be a shame to have it stolen before you could sell it” (35, 36). After the doctor left, he dug a hole under his sleeping mat and hid the pearl underneath…show more content…
The dealer that Kino goes to see has always been greedy. His job is to purchase things for cheap, and sell them expensively. With all his neighbors behind him, he went to a pearl dealer to see how much he can get for it. When the dealer saw the pearl, his facial expression didn’t change, but the coin that he had been fiddling with fell silently into his lap. He started to inspect the pearl and tells him, “This pearl is like fool 's gold. It’s too large… It is a curiosity only” (49). Kino exclaimed that it’s “the Pearl of the World,” and “no one has ever seen such a pearl” (49, 50). The dealer offered him one thousand pesos, which was still more than what Kino has ever seen. They brought more dealers into the argument to get their opinions. One of them doesn’t even want to be involved with the pearl. Another dealer offers him five hundred pesos. Kino mentioned about going to the capital to sell it because they were cheating him (52). The dealer offered a final fifteen hundred pesos, but Kino left with the
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