The Patterson Homestead

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“It's a pretty interesting building, a beautiful old home, a link to where we've been and where we're going” (“Home” 23). This quote, by a Montgomery County Historical Society representative, is referring to the Patterson Homestead located at 1815 Brown Street on the south edge of Dayton Ohio (Cline 14). This house, now filled with artifacts and distant memories, once held a more priceless artifact of sorts, the Patterson family. The quote captures the very essence of this house, but the house captures the essence of the city itself. It was in the Patterson Homestead where a young man would grow up to found the National Cash Register Company, which would catapult Dayton to greatness, then leave it to decay. Now, Daytonians must consider the second part of the historian's statement – where is Dayton going? The house and the legacy of its old inhabitants can give citizens hope by reminding citizens where Dayton has been. The Patterson Homestead, now a historical tour site, was once the home base for pioneers, Col. Robert Patterson and his grandson, John H. Patterson; the house has endured remodeling and harsh economic times to remain a treasure to the community. Around 1803, Colonel Robert “Indian Fighter” Patterson purchased a two thousand acre farm in Montgomery County Ohio (Mitchell 2). Colonel Patterson was one of the three major founders of the Dayton area and built the Patterson Homestead in 1816 on the land where the city would eventually flourish (Mitchell 1). During the war of 1812, Col. Patterson was appointed quartermaster of the troops mustering in Dayton (Mitchell 1). It was during this time that he joined George Rogers Clark and Daniel Boone to “settle” the Ohio Territory (Mitchell 1). Even though Col. Patters... ... middle of paper ... ... 22. Print. Cline, Benjamin. “Open Door to Dayton History.” Dayton Daily News 6 May 1988:14. Print. Corbin, Michael. “Changing Places in Dayton.” Dayton Daily News 30 Nov. 2006: 27. Print. Cummings, James. “This Open House: A Visit to the Past.” Dayton Daily News. 12 Jan. 1997: 16. Print. Elliot, Scott. “What it Means to Lose NCR.” Dayton Daily News June 2, 2009: 28. Print. “Home: Ready for Holiday Visits.” Dayton Daily News. 28 Nov. 2005: 23. Print. "John Henry Patterson." NCR Company, May 2002. Web. 8 Mar. 2012. Mitchel, Adam. Dayton's Patterson Homestead. Dayton, 1950: 1-3. Print. The Patterson Homestead. Dayton: Montgomery County Historical Society, 2001: 1-5. Print. Morgan, Scott. “Patterson Homestead, Rubicon, To Be 150 Years Old.” Journal Herald.15 Sept. 1966: 67. Print. Orwell, George. 1984. Penguin Group Inc. 1950: 13. Print.
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