The Pathophysiology of Acute Renal Failure

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Explain the pathophysiology of acute renal failure. Include prerenal, intrarenal and postrenal causes. The pathophysiology of acute renal failure takes place when the kidney no longer works properly. Prerenal causes of acute kidney failure are a lack of prefusion to the kidney. The primary cause of prerenal is ischemia, or inadequate blood flow to the kidney. This lack of perfusion leads to renal failure. Some causes of prerenal acute renal failure can include blood lose or dehydration. Intrarenal causes are damage to the kidney. Some causes of intrarenal are trauma to the kidney or medications damaging the kidneys. Post renal failure occurs when urine cannot be excreted from the kidney normally. Common causes of post renal failure includes occlusion of the urinary track.

What diagnostic exams would be used to diagnose acute renal failure? How do these tests change as renal failure progresses though its 3 stages? Discuss, compare and contrast the 3 stages. Some test doctors use to diagnose acute renal failure include a blood urea nitrogen, urinalysis, serum creatinine levels, serum potassium levels. A blood urea nitrogen test can help find out how well your kidneys are functioning. A urinalysis is used as a way to help detect what is wrong or how bad the renal failure is. A serum creatinine level test is used to detect how well the kidneys are functioning. A serum potassium level test, like the serum creatinine test, is also a good indicator of how well the kidneys are filtering. Doctors also use an ultrasound, x-ray, or MRI to look at the kidneys. In the first stage of renal failure Stage one of acute renal initials diminished function. Signs and symptoms will start to show up in any testing done. glomerular filtration rate at s...

... middle of paper ... and trying to have the patient stick to a proper diet. Long-term goals include sticking to drug and treatment therapy, helping the patient adapt to their new lifestyle, and trying to prevent infection.

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