The Pathology And Diverty: The Culture Of Poverty

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The pathology model, known as the culture of poverty, claims that poverty is attributed to the personal failings of the individual, family or community. It is perceived that this failings stem from a combination of dysfunctional behaviors, attitudes, and values that make and keep poor people poor. With the structural economic model, it is believed that proponents of poverty as a structural problem trace its roots to dysfunctional aspects of the economic system. These claims place more responsibility on the failure of the government to address fundamental economic patterns that have forced people into poverty and not provided a means out. They also reflect the idea that what are often considered to be characteristics of a culture of poverty are actually characteristics of poverty itself, having nothing to so with the attitudes, values, and life choices od those forced to live in poverty. (Guest, 422-423)

12. For most matrilineal descent groups like the Iroquois or the Yanomami, which is the important family relationship that these systems support or promote? In this type of kinship system which
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The term “intersexual” is used to describe individuals who are born with a combination of male and female genitalia, gonads, and/or chromosomes. Biologist Anne Fausto-Sterling proposed three groups of intersexuals: some with a balance of male and female characteristics, some with female genitalia but testes rather than ovaries, and some with male genitalia but ovaries instead of testes. In order to understand an individual or a community of people, anthropologists believe that by recognizing more than just female and male, it allows for a less dualistic and more holistic approach to understanding the complex relationship between biology and gender. (Guest,
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