The Path to Salvation

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There are thousands of religions on this planet named Earth, and many of those religions worship countless false gods and/or idols. However, Catholics are a monotheistic people; they believe in and worship the one and only, all-powerful being. This being is comprised of three distinct natures: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These three, although distinct from one another, come together collectively in one Divine Person known as the Trinity, or God. God is the ultimate creator of all things. When these things, namely the human race, began their sinning ways, they were in dire need of a Savior. These wretched ways are expressed in St. Athanasius’ book On the Incarnation. Because of His loving nature, though, God came down in a human configuration through His Son, Jesus Christ, so that all might be spared from death and share in His salvation and eternal life.
When God constructed the human race, He had in mind wondrous intentions for them. However, when Adam and Eve, symbolizing humanity, turned away from God, He was forced to punish them; that punishment is Original Sin. Original Sin made humans liable to death (Athanasius 7). Mankind continued their iniquitous ways, and very soon they learned of the destruction they were causing in their lives. What options did God have? Certainly, He could not just destroy the humans, for they were fashioned in the likeness of God Himself, and He could not simply decimate his creation (Athanasius 6). Repentance would not do either because through it the humans might return to their corruption, and it does not recall men from what is according to their nature (Athanasius 6).
The human race owed a debt that had to be paid, and they paid that debt through death (Athanasius...

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...eternal life with Him in Heaven.
Jesus, the Savior, was needed mainly because humanity was being led astray from the path of righteousness. The human race was created by God, and that is why He was the only one who could save the humans and bring them back to life. Through coming down in a human embodiment and dying on the cross, Jesus Christ defeated death and brought salvation to all who believe in and follow Him. If mankind continues to follow the teachings and examples of how to live set by Jesus, then the future hope of our own resurrections into the Kingdom of God look very promising.

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