The Path to Freedom

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Once my friend emailed me about this play I knew I wanted to go. The fact that I needed to do a report on a live production made this performance even more compelling. I had to make sure there was no work so that I could attend. Then my twins needed to be instructed on caring for themselves in my absence for two hours. Once that was done I looked up the gps directions. At two o’clock I woke up from a nap. Which almost lead me to not going, mainly because the play started at three and I was feeling lazy.
The playwright is trying to show the journey of African Americans from early African roots to the modern day president Obama. The play opens with African tribes and ends with Obama being sworn in. Along the way giving you a taste of important eras and showing the perseverance of the African Americans. Included but not limited to slavery, race riots, and right to vote and many more. It is a melodrama mixed with drama and sprinkled with enough comedy to keep it interesting. There is danger in the plight of blacks in America but it is also coupled with success. This play was sheer entert...

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