"The Past Effects in the Present"

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In a psychoanalytical world, Holden, the protagonist in the book, "The Catcher in the Rye", by J. D. Salinger, is seventeen years old, struggles to deal with life, and is living in his own fantasy world. according to Donald E. Hall, a professor of English and Chair of the department of English at West Virginia University,"Human behavior is often something of puzzle, requiring concerted acts of investigation to discover root causes and multiple effects"(Hall105). Holden relates to Hall's theory because Holden shows multiple mixed emotions that causes confusion to Holden's character. He portrays a portion of hate towards "phony" people, yet he himself is not so honest, he says, "I'M THE MOST terrific liar you ever saw in your life. Its awful"(Salinger16). Holden's whole life is based off of lies because he does not trust people with the truth, therefore he isolates himself from the rest of the people. This reflects the author, Salinger because he too believes their are a lot of "phony" people and they should be considered "fake".
Isolation is one of Holden' s primary problem, he believes it is better to stay away from people. He is a very impassive adolescent, he does not want to get attached to anyone because of he trust issues. He does this because he had a scathing childhood and most of his thoughts have become unconscious. According to Freud's theory, " Unconscious state- reveals conflicts of protagonist and sometimes creates and/or transferred from the author's own troubled states"(Freud1). Holden is his own problem.He has the opportunity to leave his past behind him, but instead he chooses to let it affect him in his future, that causes trouble for him as he approaches his academics with flunking out, fa...

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... hurt him deeply and horribly over the years of his childhood. His education does not seem to matter to him either, he thinks that as long as they he can keep moving forward in life, you won't need school. Therefore, Holden brings all the stress and depression not only to himself, but amongst his loved ones as well. He is careless for the people that care so much about him. he does not realize the trouble he has caused for his family either. Holden's mother is already very sick, and finding out that her son has not been in school because he has gotten kicked out , it will just about kill her. He has so much to make up for in his life, and he needs to actually do them not just waist his life on alcohol and cigarettes. Psychoanalytical theories apply to Holden because he needs to become a better peson and become someone he wants to be because his flaws can be fixed.
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