The Party System

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The Party System

The party system of today has been a long time in the making. Candidates used to be affiliated with people and ideas more then there party. Today political party lines are more clear cut then ever before. The first two major parties in the political history of the United States were the Democratic Republicans (currently Republicans) and the Federalists (currently Democrats). These parties have stood the test of time and even with new name their principles remain basically the same. The Philadelphia congressional election of 1794 was in a way just a taste of what politics in America would become.

John Swanwick won the seat in the Philadelphia congressional race of 1794. The 1794 election in Philadelphia was a close race with many issues that had to be addressed by the candidates. The major issues of the day were taxes, disease and the national bank system. Democratic Republicans did not favor the Exise tax but also did not endorse the Whisky Rebellion of 1794. They were also not entirely favorable of Hamilton's ideas on banking. Federalists did however see benefit in both areas. Even as far back as 200 years these two parties hold the same principals as the do today.

The tax that drew the most attention of the day was the exise tax on whiskey. This tax was not very well accepted in western Pennsylvania where the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 was a short-lived demonstration by farmers . Exise taxes are still around today and cover cigarettes and alcohol.

The first banking system of America was The Bank of the United States . Alexander Hamilton developed the idea for this system during the late 1780's . This system was made a law in 1790. This was a public/private bank in which a person could own stock and it was run with American currency. I do not believe that this was an overly popular system and people did not entirely agree with it.

Yellow fever killed thousands in Philadelphia in the late 1700's. Those who were effected the most were of the lower class while the richer and respected citizens were able to more easily escape it.

Yellow fever is a communicable disease that can not be treated. This disease can be spread by mosquitoes and can pass through the air.
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