The Parenting Styles Of Parenting

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I decided to write on this subject since I was taught this topic in earlier classes and learned from that textbook some of the information that I pulled from my reference materials. I was familiar with this topic and had some earlier notions and wanted to see if my views and understanding changed with a broader knowledge base. At the time I studied this previously I found it to be an interesting and complex subject. The four styles of parenting or child-rearing are authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting, and uninvolved,sometimes referred to as neglectful, parenting. It form of parenting style is unique and carry with it different effects and developmental issues for the children that it impacts. The first parenting style I am going to address is the authoritarian style. This style of parenting I characterized by strict rules established by the parents, stern punishment if not followed, parents do not explain the reason for the rules or the form of punishment, high demands but little response, and the children do not have choices and decisions about their life. The parents needs to be reminded that all good things can be overdone. The children need to have balance in the provided structure that can be accomplished with communication so that it is explained the importance to have them follow the rules that have been set out before them. The effects on the children raised in this type of parenting environment are low self-esteem and importance, fearful introverted, a wrong association of what love is, social misfits, and behavioral problems outside of parental care. The child raised in this style may become rebellious or dependent as they grow into adolescence. They often show signs of aggressive ... ... middle of paper ... ...expectations of the children and parents, and how these effect the children in coping with outside influence. There is not one parenting style that is used all the time but a blend of these styles depending on the situation, elements involved, culture, personality, family size, education level, religion, and parental background. It is very important for parents to understand that each child is different and therefore what works with one child may not work for another. This will help me in my family life as I mature and consider a family of my own. Parents need to support each other in their opinions and be willing to compromise and do what is best for each child and with each situation. It is imperative to be the parent and not the friend, establish reasonable guidelines and give direction to your children to improve and insure their healthy behavior development.

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