The Parenting Styles

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Of the parenting styles presented in class: Martyr, Pal, Coach, Counselor and Police Officer, which is most effective/appropriate? Is one more effective/appropriate at a certain age or in a specific situation? Explain Child rearing is taking care of child until they are old enough to take care of themselves. The goal of every parent is to raise child to become a successful adult and there are good parenting style that can help. There is some parenting styles that could be effective and appropriate of course depending on the child. From the parenting styles that were taught in class the most effective and appropriate will be Athletic Coach, Teacher Counselor, Pal and Police Officer. The Athletic Coach parenting style is permissive and authoritative. This kind of style sets limits to the child and if the child breaks a rule there is no physical punishment. These kind of parents see themselves as being a family team and the child is the player. In this case the parents are the coaches which they teach their children about the game of life, like what to do/not to do. Also, parents teach ...

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