The Parental Style with Which I was Raised

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As a maturing adult I now realize the importance of having a strong parental foundation. Throughout my life there have been moments where both parents demonstrated the characteristics of all four basic parenting styles. However, as I aged it became apparent that my parents had successfully found their niche in a parenting style that was analogous with their personality and beliefs. In my father's case it was the authoritative parenting style. With this style he captured my trust and respect; never letting me down. Furthermore, it was my mother's permissive parenting that undeniably contributed towards my love and gratitude for her. There were also instances where my parents influenced my life both positively and negatively. Nevertheless, I am forever grateful for having my parents in my life, for they contributed (and continue to contribute) towards my success as a growing adult.
In all possible words that I may choose to describe the relationship with my father, the one word that accurately expresses the emotion that has accrued throughout the years would be "admirable." The Oxford English Dictionary defines this word as "arousing or deserving respect and approval." As a father he taught me the importance of attaining an exceptional education. As a man he advocated the urgency of harboring honor and discipline. Encompassing the authoritative parenting style, I have always known my father to encourage success but welcome failure. That is, so long as an honest effort was made. Personally, I credit his parenting style in part due to his military background. Or maybe it was due in part of the lack of a father-figure in his childhood. Whatever the reasoning, I am proud and grateful for having him in my life not only as a father, bu...

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... was the first time I had tasted real defeat, or any defeat for that matter. As I approached my parents, expecting them to be disappointed for not winning first place, my father glared at me with the illustrious smile that I knew so well and said, “Good job son. Proud of what you did. Keep it up.” What more could you ask of a father?
Having a stable parental foundation is crucial in raising a healthy child. Furthermore, deciding on the parenting style of preference also plays a significant factor in ensuring the development of a flourishing child. Certainly there were flaws in my parent’s parenting methods, having made both positive and negative influences in my progression through my childhood. With the intentions of becoming a parent in the near future I hope I can one day provide my children with the same healthy experience that my own father and mother have.
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