The Paper Menagerie Analysis

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In Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You and Ken Liu’s “The Paper Menagerie”, there are many differences and few similarities. The bond between mother and child is one of the many contrasts within the two. Along with the relationship of how child treats their mother, the child not really knowing their mother 's past, and the mother’s expectations of their child. Although these characters have similarities, the difference is how parental expectations can really make them who they are. Lydia feels it 's an obligation to constantly say yes and please her mother. For example, Lydia “ She would do everything her mother told her,”(Ng 137). This promise will constantly weigh her down for the remainder of her life. With this promise Lydia causes…show more content…
As a result, Jack distances himself from his mother, who knows only her oriental culture. Although Jack loves his mother he is lead to believe she is nothing but an oriental women bought from Hong Kong “‘It probably cost more than what your dad paid for your mom!’”(Liu 68). With this statement thrown at Jack it 's as if though his mother is nothing and will continue to be nothing but an oriental women and this causes backlash to Jack which causes him to resent his mother. Jack feels that his mom 's race isolates him, thinking that “[other] families don 't have Moms who don 't belong”(Liu 69). Once these words are spoken the relationship between mother and son are ruined. The expectations that society have leads Jack to believe that losing his relationship with his mother is far better than to be known as oriental. Which seems like nothing to Jack now causes him great heartache in the…show more content…
They both discuss how child treats their mother, the child never really knowing their mother 's past, as well as the mother’s expectations of their child. These characters both touch upon the fact that your relationship with your mother amongst other things has a huge impact on your life. The characters explore this fact in many different ways but it comes down to the fact that parental expectations shape them into who they become whether it be now or

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