The Pain on Children of Losing Both of their Parents

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Imagine the thought of losing everything you have at such a young age, and having to do everything on your own without any help. The thought of losing one’s parents and being put through foster care is a child’s worst nightmare. In the book “Grief Girl” a teenage girl has to endure the pain of losing both of her parents and help take care of her younger brother. Losing a parent is not the only issue children have to deal with, but it is one that is so heartbreaking and overlooked at times. Children can become depressed, suicidal and even lose their appetite, making them become anorexic. Children are faced with choices they never thought they would be faced with, pain they are not use to, and long lasting grief they were not prepared for. The problems that a lot of young children have to face today are beyond horrendous. There are several ways people can help children cope with these issues without stepping over their boundaries. In order for that to happen friends and family have to get down on their level and show sympathy and compassion in a way that they understand. Children may run away, crawl into a shell or show that they need open arms and acceptance. Whether it is an infant or a teenager experiencing this loss, pain is always there and in older children it needs to be made aware of so that there is not any further harm done to that person physically or emotionally.

The night of October 23rd, 1983 was a night Erin Vincent will never forget. Erin, her older sister Tracy, and her younger brother Trent were changed in a way that put pure despair on their lives. The children were called to the hospital nearly minutes after the accident only to learn that their mother had already passed, and their father suffered injuries to ...

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...nd her previous employment in journalism made that more of a possibility. One day she decided that she had nothing left to lose and gave it a shot. Her story has touched so many lives and gives people a different perspective on how to cope with things.

People do not realize the pain, not just emotionally but physically as well, that young children go through when they lose a parent, or both. What goes on inside a child’s mind is something some will never understand because at a young age everything is a blur. When the loss of a parent takes place involving children under the age of 18, they are either placed temporarily with family members or worse, put in foster care. The emotional trauma this creates is just overwhelming and devastating. A child feels like they are being punished even more when steps like that are taken, making them feel useless, and hopeless.
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