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The Pact Assignment

I found it difficult to relate with the book, The Pact, for near the first half of the story. The three boys, Rameck, Sam, and George all grew up in impoverished neighborhoods in New Jersey. They were surrounded by drugs, violence, theft, prejudice, and death. None of the 3 had a father figure within their home while growing up and discovered that it was extremely difficult to find any positive role models within their area. As kids, Sam and Rameck both caved under the peer pressure and became entangled in immoral activity. Rameck had even let adrenaline take over during a fight and stabbed a man in the thigh with a switchblade. As a result he spent 4 days in jail, some time on house arrest, and faced attempted murder charges, which were later dropped. Sam also spent 4 weeks in juvenile detention at a similar time for a mugging he had participated in.

I am very fortunate to have never been put into this type of position. It makes me feel quite selfish for ever complaining about a negative situation in my own life. As very young children they had the understanding that one day they may be shot and killed. Most children are entirely sheltered from any type of violence, death, and immoral behavior, at least until they are tossed into the public school system. I was one of those children. My parents never mentioned to me any type of wrongdoing which in reality is considered commonplace in our perfect America.

Though everyone pretended the bad wasn‘t there, that does not mean that it had never been experienced. As a young child my family did go through some problems. My father wasn’t home much, either doing his job, traveling from plant to plant (which were states apart) as a modular home inspector, or doi...

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