The Overcoat and The Namesake Comparison

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In the novel The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri mentions a short story named “The Overcoat” written by Nikolai Gogol numerous times. This “mentioning” is also known as an “allusion.” The Namesake is about the Ganguli family and their transformation to an American family. Gogol Ganguli is the character that is closely related to “The Overcoat” which is about the life and also the death of a man by the name Akakiy Akakievitch. Besides the fact that is is named in The Namesake, “The Overcoat” can be related to the novel. Through the themes and the what happen with the characters can be seen as paralleled with these two texts. Both Akakiy and Gogol are born without a name. The mothers struggle to think of what to name their child. Later, they are both given a name essentially from their fathers. In “The Overcoat,” Akakiy’s mother decides to name Akakiy after his father. When she decides this she says that “[h]is father’s name was Akakiy, so let his son’s be Akakiy too” (The Overcoat, 2). In The Namesake, Gogol’s father, Ashoke, thinks of a name. “With a slight quiver of recognition, as i...

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