The Outsiders Movie Essay

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The movie, The Outsiders, starts with the Curtis parents on their weekly, Saturday evening drive to the baking store to buy some ingredients for their boys’ favorite Sunday morning, breakfast treat: chocolate cake. The Curtis boys love their chocolate cake for Sunday breakfast not only because they love it, but also because they appreciate how hard their parents have to work to save the monies necessary for the morsels that put smiles on their faces!

The Curtis family is a very poor family ‘on the other side of town’ as a result of their father never having finished fifth grade and never being able to hold a job for more than a month at a time. The father, Ed, is a scruffy looking man, overbearing and built, and whose son, Darry,
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Darry, the oldest son, is the mirror image of Ed. Ed did not finish 5th grade and he did not get a degree. Because Ed did not get a degree he is very poor and can not hold a job for very long. This lack of education affects the whole family. Arnold Schwarzenegger is good for this role, because he is big and robust just like Ed.
Jean: Sarah Hyland
Jean is the housewife and mom of three boys. One of the boys, Sodapop, shares most if not all of his DNA with her. Jean has a high school diploma, but no college degree. As a result of having to take care of three kids and a house, she is unable to have a job. Sarah Hyland is a good fit for this role, because she looks like a housewife and is able to fit the role of being humble.
Ponyboy: Jake Austin
Ponyboy is the youngest of three brothers, and is not anything like his parents. Ponyboy is the only one in his family still going to school. Ponyboy is likely to get a scholarship for his academics, (he is a straight A student). Ponyboy looks and acts older than he is, as a result of growing up in a bad neighborhood. If Ponyboy keeps his grades up, and stays out of trouble, he could be the first one in his family to go to college. Jake Austin is good to play this role, because they look and act a lot
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Officer Jenkins graduated from The University of Alabama in 1947. He was going to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player, but in his last game at The University of Alabama he was hit in the head while diving for a ball in the endzone. His dream of becoming a professional football player was over, so he decided to become part of the police force. Today, Officer Jenkins is recognized all over the country for his bravery and commitment to the police force. Kevin Hart is a good fit for this role, because just like Officer Jenkins, he is well known all over the
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