The Outsiders: How Can Our Identity Change?

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How can our identity change? It is said that somewhere in time you have a doppelganger or someone that looks exactly like you. There is a one in three hundred and thirty five chance of meeting them, but there is absolutely no chance that you will meet someone with the some identity as you. We all have our own identity and our identity is what make us, us, but there are things that can alter our identity. Change the very that defines us and make us special. There are three things that can change our identity; overtime experiences can shape our identity, we can change our own identity, and others can influence and change our identity. To begin with, in life there are things, good or bad, that happen to is that can affect our identity. In the book, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton it follows the life of Ponyboy Curtis. At the…show more content…
In the book Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes the main character Charlie Gordon is developmentally disabled. He is offered to a participant in a clinical study that would make him more intelligent. All his life he was worked extremely hard to be more intelligent but his disability stopped him from doing this, but once he got the offer to have a presider to increase his intelligence he happlly took the offer. He completely changed his identity by doing this because after the study he was nothing like he was before. He did this for the same reasons others would do something this drastic to change themselves; he to be better. The article ¨Can Our Identity Change Over Time¨, by Aj Agunias, supports this topic because he also states that some people want a fresh start. He uses the example of prisoners because when they come out of a correctional facility they want to start over and become a different person. In both of these example it shows why someone would want to change their identity. They could want to be better or improve themselves and the can also want a fresh
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