The Outsiders Hero Analysis

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A hero is someone who is admired for his/her courage and his/her need to help others. Some examples of heroes are Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, Superwoman, and Batman. However, the real heroes are strangers that risk their lives to help others. The book, The Outsiders, shows several heroes that sacrifice their own safety for the greater good. This book centers around the gang, greasers, and the feud between the greasers and Socs. Three characters that show enormous courage and save multiple lives are Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally. In S.E Hinton’s The Outsiders, Johnny, Ponyboy, Dally emerge as heroes because they all risk their lives for another. To begin with, Johnny evolves into a hero throughout the story. At one point in the story, Johnny…show more content…
In one scene, Dally is a hero because he saves Ponyboy’s life, he tries to get the fire out on Ponyboy’s jacket. According to the text, ””Dallas hit me. How come?” “Because your back was in flames, that’s why.” I was surprised. “It was? Golly, I didn't feel it. It doesn’t hurt.” We put it out before you got burned. That jacket saved you from a bad burning, maybe saved your life. You just keeled over from smoke inhalation and a little shock- of course that slap on the back didn’t help much”” (Hinton 94). The author’s main point is that Dally saves Ponyboy’s life. Not only did he try to put the fire out, but Dally gave Ponyboy the jacket that saves Ponyboy from a bad burn. Ponyboy could’ve got more injured if it wasn’t for Dally. Another example when Dally is a hero is when he gave a gun, money, and a way out to Johnny and Ponyboy, he asks no questions. When he knew if the police or Darry caught him, he would get in so much trouble. Hinton states, ““Darry would beat him to death for giving us the money and the gun and getting us out of town...Hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville,” Dally instructed. “There’s an old abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain. there’s a pump in the back so don’t worry about water. Buy a week’s supply of food as soon as you get there- this morning, before the story gets out, and then don’t so much as stick…show more content…
In the book, Johnny saves several characters from death. In the book, Ponyboy evolves into a hero which will be shown in the evidence. He is more than a friend to Johnny and saves a couple of children’s lives. Dally may not care about strangers, but he cares about his friends. Dally goes into the burning church for Ponyboy and Johnny. Ponyboy’s jacket is on fire and Dally put out, which saves him from a bad burn and possibly saves his life. Ponyboy isn’t the one saves. Dally goes into the burning and crumbling church to save Johnny, risking his life. The Outsiders proves that anybody can be a hero, no matter his/her

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