The Outcomes of Parenting Style

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Parents aspire to raise successful children, but how do they accomplish this? Carol Lloyd the executive editor of Great Schools and mother of two children explained “Nearly 50 years of research have found that some parenting styles are more effective than others and show far better outcomes for children”. Carol Lloyd has used strict parenting style with her daughter and has a good effect. Carol Lloyd uses the parenting style known as authoritative .In the article “How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man” Terrell Jermaine Starr’s explains how his grandmother raised him to have a successful career by been strict but loving. Starr’s Grandmother shows the characteristics of authoritative parenting style because of how she treated her grandson. There are two types of parenting styles that parents use to support their children in their life. Authoritarian and authoritative are two parenting styles that clearly determine the development of children, but the authoritative style more often leads to a successful life. Ever since kids are born their parents already have a view on how they will teach their children to become successful. Authoritarian parenting style is when parents enforce strict rules and high expectations without being affectionate. On the other hand, authoritative parenting style is when parents will allow their children to know their standards, limits, independency, and the behavior that they should use. These two parenting styles have common ways of teaching their children to behave, but the difference is that authoritarian parents do not show much affection toward their children and authoritative parents do show affection towards their children. Authoritarian parenting style affects children’s dev... ... middle of paper ... ...lling in life. According to researchers, “Authoritative parents are both highly responsive and very demanding (Maccabi and Martin 1983). That’s the classic definition of the authoritative parenting style. Moreover, --using this definition--researchers have identified the authoritative parents throughout the world." There are children that struggle thru life with school and with parents that might not always treat their children right. There are two most common parenting styles that parents use in our society and they are authoritarian and authoritative parenting style. The most effectively parenting style that can assure the success of children in their life is Authoritative parenting style. This is the best because these parents show directedness, limits, consequences, rewards a, and they show affection unlike authoritarian parents which don’t show affection.
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