The Outbreak of War Due to the Alliance System

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The Outbreak of War Due to the Alliance System Firstly, the fact that the alliances were always made on a war-footing and the powers were divided into sides nurtured a sense of competition and heightened the war tension and led to an arm race between European powers. For example, after the formation of the Triple Entente, Germany competed with Brit in building dreadnoughts. Thus all European powers were ready for war in 1914. Secondly, as most details of the alliances were kept secret, mutual suspicions and fears deepened and the powers watched each other’s moved suspiciously. This suspicion prevented their diplomats from devising a suitable solution to many of the crisis preceding to war. Thirdly, since the European powers had made alliances with one another, any quarrel between countries within the two camps would easily involve all other countries of the camp. e.g. Serb vs Austria – to WWI. Fourthly, the powers became less willing to settle disputes by peaceful means as they believed their allies would give them military support. e.g. Blank Check – to war Fifthly, the alliances were originally strictly defensive but by 1910, many alliances had changed their nature. The Austro-German alliance became an aggressive alliance after the Bosnian crisis in 1909, the Germany promised to give military aid to Austria-Hungary, if she invaded Serbia and Austria. As alliances had become instruments of national aggressions, chance of war increased. Sixthly, after the formation of the Triple Entente, Germany began to feel the threat to her security. Ger was encircled by enemies. This induced Germany to adopt a more vigorous foreign policy in an attempt to break the unification of the Entente powers. This resulted in a series of international crisis from 1905 to 1914. l On 5 July, 1914, Germany assured Austria that should there be an Austro-Serbian war, Germany would give Austria unlimited support as an ally. l On 23 July 1914, Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia and demanded Serbia to indemnify, apologize, admit responsibility, punish people
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