The Ottoman Empire And The Decline Of The Ottoman Empire

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On December 10th, 1948 the United Nations established The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that permits all nations from censoring the rights of their citizens ("The Universal Declaration of Human Rights"). However, prior to the publication of this document violations of human rights occurred with little to no actions against the aggressors. Discrimination is a major cause of these violations especially in the Ottoman Empire when Turkish nationalism began to rise. In the 1900s, the Ottoman Empire believed that the multi-ethnicity of their empire was the reason for the decline; so, they worked to eliminate the Armenians in their empire due to their non-Turkish background, religious beliefs, and greater economic success.
During the 1900s the Ottoman Empire was in decline and losing territories in other parts of the world. In response to the decline, a new political power, the “Young Turks”, promoted the creation of a modernized constitutional government. The Armenians, however, along with other non-Turkish groups, were not seen as equal under this constitution. They soon realized ...

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