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Have you ever wondered where you would be right now without going to high school? From the book “The Other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore, the author tells the story of himself and another boy named Wes Moore living in Baltimore who came from a similar background and community. Wes Moore the author tells the story of himself and how his way of life was and how one choice changed his life forever. And for the other Wes Moore, the author tells us his way of life growing up was and how one wrong decision defined his future forever. The author’s point in this book is to show how your choices that you make in life will affect you in the future. Therefore, the author Wes Moore tells the story of himself, the other Wes Moore, and the decisions that are made in their lives that changed their future.
Wes Moore, the author, was the second oldest child in his family; he had an older sister named Nikki, and a younger sister named Shani, with parents Joy and Westley. When Wes was younger there father died of being sick, leaving him and his siblings, with their grieving mother. A few weeks after their father died there mother chose to move in with her parents into Baltimore. Wes and Shani then had to attend a private school because there mother knew that would be a better school for them to go to. Joy’s parents helped a lot with Wes and Shani taking them to the train station so they could go to school every day. With Wes going to a different school he made new friends like Justin. After a few days hanging with his new friends and Justin he got into a bit of trouble choosing to do bad things.
With Wes attending a public school, kids from the Bronx would make fun of him for going to a white school. But Wes acted like it didn’t bother him but then he s...

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...He would spend the rest of his life in jail. The other Wes Moore made a decision that will define his future forever.
Wes Moore the author ended up finishing military school and went onto college and the other Wes Moore would spend the rest of his life in jail. It shows hour our decisions we make in life can define the rest of our lives. When the author Wes Moore would be skipping school his mother knew the best decision was to send him off to military school and with that decision made it changed Wes’s life forever. Going to military school got him back on track and that led him to go to college and become real successful. As for the other Wes Moore with the decision he made to even start getting into drug dealing that’s where it all went wrong. It started with one wrong decision that led to more wrong decisions and that’s how he ended up where he is now, in jail.
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