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Recently, I readied the book called “The other Wes Moore”, the book is about two boys both raised by their single mother but raised up in two totally different environment, cause they went to two complete different schools, one went to a public school where most of the kids went there are poor and has a lot of problems; the other one went to a private school which is really nice most of b his peers are excellent. Their mother has totally different personality education levels and expectation to their children, one graduate from a community collage and the other one graduate from a famous four collage. After all, than they become two extremely different people, after all, one Wes becomes a successful well-know author, and the other Wes end up spend raise of his life in jail. I was quite impressed by the power of environment can do to a children, every kids born with the same thing, however, they could transform into different adults. How could it possible? What is it that turns children become different adults? This two question had been bothering me lately. Than I find my answer during the research, the environment can affect to children’s outcomes; in fact, the environment could affect children in many different ways. In other word, the reason of kids could be so different on their achievement and outcomes. Thus, the environment has several effects on the achievement of children under the age of 16; family income, parental characteristics, and the neighborhood environment. Income is an extremely important part of children’s life and the family income can easily influence children’s achievement. Poverty has many influences on children under the age of 16. The research fined out that in recent year, an increasing number of ... ... middle of paper ... ...e family incomes, parents’ characteristics and the neighborhood environment. Thus, the three main factored have major affect on children’s achievement under the age of 16. The family income can affect children’s psychically and mentality: parents’ characteristics mainly caused by parents’ education and their expectation to their child: the neighborhood environment due to the quality of children’s peers and personal identify group. Nevertheless, there are many possible and other factor that could affect children’s outcome and achievement under the age of 16, but this three are the most significant factors. Children are the future of the world, if we already know the environment could influence a child’s achievements and outcome, so we should be more careful when surrounded by children, and parents should keep in mind of their talking and speaking, the neighbor choice.

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