The Other Side

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I woke up screaming looking for my wife, but I knew she wouldn’t be here with me. She would always calm me down when I had a bad dream. As I looked at my phone, I’ve noticed 9 missed calls from Paul, and I knew if I would miss another call there wouldn’t be any point meeting up with him. Right before I was going to hit the dial button, my phone rang for the tenth time. Paul’s angry voice was screaming at me, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying to me, so I just asked him for the location’s address. As I reached the old building, I’ve noticed the sheriff’s and Paul’s cars in the parking area, which both were parked near several abandoned cars with broken windows. The area itself had a rotten smell, due to no one actually visiting the place for about 30 years, when there were actually stores and other businesses in the buildings around it. After entering the building, I could not but notice the body which was hung from the ceiling, which looked like it was there for less than 24 hours. As I came close to the body I was greeted by the sheriff, and Paul, who was my partner in this investigation. Even though I knew Paul was mad at me, I didn’t matter now since we had a murder to solve. It was the first murder case I’ve been assigned to, though it wasn’t the first murder in this town recently. In the past 4 years, there were 10 killed people including this one and it seems like they all done by the same killer. Every each of them was so planed so good, that there weren’t any clues left behind. Even the blood was cleaned from the crime scene and from the body itself, which seemed like the body was, killed somewhere else. I looked at the body again, it was a male in his 40s and his name was Orson Hampton. I’ve known him for a long... ... middle of paper ... ...g which I prayed to god to forget my sins. As I hear the car’s doors slam and the sheriff and Paul’s feet approaching my door, I start to disbelieve in god’s existence and right before I knock the chair over the floor, I say sorry Sarah with tears in my eyes. When I entered Ian’s room, I found his lifeless body hanging from the ceiling, and it looked like tears came from his eyes. We didn’t find any suicide note, but we found a small note which contained an apologizing letter for his wife and everyone which he killed. He would not be remembered as the serial killer, but in fact, a man who wanted to bring justice to the town in all cost. But it’s too bad the town will never know who the real killer was, since it was me all along. Sarah supposed to be mine, everything he had should’ve been mine, but he took everything away from me, so I took everything away from him.
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