The Origins of a Newly Formed Toxic Algae in the Ocean

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Recently, scientists have been noticing a quite thing occurring in the ocean that had never been seen before. Scientists have been recently finding a new type of algae in the ocean that does not have very great effects on the environment. Many say that this alga is probably a type of algae that is similar to the ones that grew millions of years ago; this alga is toxic though. It releases terrible pungent odors that can affect health. This algae was first discovered in Australia by fisherman and is now ruining Australian fishing industries by taking over the ocean. Scientist Judith O’Neil from the University of Queensland was the first scientist to discover the origins of this toxic algae. It has been considered a fireweed since it has severely affected ecosystems all over the ocean and has been dominating. However this is not the only primitive species if ocean plant taking over rapidly now. It has been stated that, “Evolution is in reverse” (Kenneth R. Weiss from the Los Angeles Times). Now ancient species of sea life are thriving while more complex organisms and new species aren’t thriving in our oceans. That situation is bad since they are taking over ecosystems completely blocking animals from sunlight, space, and any other necessities. There have also been other species that are now plaguing our oceans such as jellyfish, and other species of algae. These organisms can definitely lead to negative impacts on us and the ocean’s vast ecosystems.
With more primitive ocean species occurring more in our oceans many problems are posed by them. One thing is that they interfere more and more with the cycle that our oceans go through the animal’s way of life is changing. For example the Australian algae has definitely disrupted ecosyst...

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...wastewater is sewage plants or sewers, since many areas dump their sewage in the ocean. Sewage does have nutrients like nitrogen and other things some organisms may need to grow.
This problem may seem prevalent and it is very important to know about. It affects marine life in many ways, but humans are also greatly this problem. People don’t realize what this problem does to them. However the human race can always work and solve this issue. People shouldn’t dump trash in the ocean or any water source. Trash can destroy coral reefs and other important ecosystems and ruin marine life. Most important sewage plants shouldn’t dump raw sewage into the ocean because it provides nutrients to harmful algae. Governments around the world should put more restrictions on sewage and the disposal of it. But if the solution wants to be solved people must work together.

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