The Original Marshall Mathers Analysis

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The Original Marshall Mathers Marshall Mathers, or as everyone knows him by Eminem has always been looked at by viewers as a psycho, vulgar, and disgusting human. Growing up Eminem did not have the best childhood, raised by a drug addicted single mom, dad left the family for no reason, moving back and forth from Missouri to Michigan. Living in Michigan, mostly the Detroit area, Eminem grew up in a predominately African American community and was being bullied consistently. Dropped out of high school to support his mom, but he knew someday music was going to bring him up to the top. Eminem’s career started off slow, doing shows at clubs and losing in the rap Olympics. Eminem did not get his big break till he was discovered by Dr. Dre,…show more content…
This portion of the song refers to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, because Tommy Lee was arrested for assaulting his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, while the couple was in the process of a divorce. Eminem’s style of belittling celebrities, and from his music is shown in many portions of this song. Later in the song, Eminem refers to Dr. Dre, saying “And Dr. Dre said, nothing you idiots Dr. Dre’s dead, he is locked in my basement (ha ha)”. In the music video during this part, we are shown a picture of Dr. Dre’s picture on a milk carton with a “Missing” symbol. This represents Dr. Dre’s absence from the music, even though Dr. Dre was the one person who believed in Eminem and gave him his big break and shine in the music industry. Briefly, Tom Green, a comedian and actor, is mentioned about him humping a dead moose. Sadly, and strangely enough this did occur. I feel the way Eminem presented this situation into context was saying that, his reputation wouldn’t allow him to “to get on t.v and just let loose”, as he claims in the song. Eminem feels like if he was to flip out and do any little slip-up that it could jeopardize his whole career. Brittany Spears is Eminem’s next target on this…show more content…
In the music video, Eminem talks about the grammy’s and how the media would, “lie to get me here? So, you could sit me here next to Brittany Spears”, and in the video Brittany Spears is shown as a ditzy blonde school girl. This shows that Eminem is degrading Brittany spears as a person, by showing people that she is different than what she really is.
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