The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

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In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species: by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, a work which was set change the ideas on how people think about the natural world, how it works, ways in which it develops itself. Although making the briefest of commentaries about the human, parallels in thinking can be drawn on the behaviour of the natural world to the way of humans. It is important to understand nature first to be able to analyse the behaviour as humans is similar to that of the natural world, to understand the barriers that may effect change or to an extreme evolution. It is essential to understand nature first as humans who share many traits with the natural world, e.g. growth, reproduction, intelligence, and sustainability to name a few. By understanding these few things it will be easier to look into the world and look closer into whether a struggle of existence will affect human beings.
Darwin calls to question how varieties become explicit species, “incipient species", whereby in answer to this he introduces the key concept, he calls "Natural Selection” (OS p.60-61 ch.3). Natural Selection is an “infinitely complex and close-fitting ... mutual relations of all organic beings to each other and to their physical conditions of life"(OS p.80 ch.4). Darwin states within the fifth edition of his work on the origin of species that natural selection is almost a by-product of nature, "But the expression often used by Mr. Herbert Spencer, of the Survival of the Fittest, is more accurate, and is sometimes equally convenient." (Darwin, OS5 p.72). It means that by way of Natural Selection any particular form of life whether small or large, or of differe...

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...ady illustrated in the term of Intrasexual selection such leaders would affirm themselves as the ‘alpha male’, of course not without rebellion.
So the struggle for existence is inevitable part of being human? Well, it is a question for nature to decide, they overpopulate the planet and limit their resources to a bare minimum, but living in today’s society there is too much technology to sit back and let this happen, climate change may not be as drastic as is feared today, and as the saying goes death allows birth. Humans are a part of nature their environment contradict of well being and more than struggle as a human to ensure passing their genes through the generations to descendants, this is the purpose in terms of survival. Human are generally of a civilised community, and their survival depends on their provisions and how they can maintain and sustain life.
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