The Origin Of Hinduism: The Question Of Origin

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LaTanya Chestnut
Professor Zach Mabry
Apol 104
February 23, 2014

The Question of Origin:
1. The Hinduism is believed to be one of the oldest religions and the third biggest religion in the world. The Hinduism can be a very confusing religion. They believe that there are many different Gods. They have their own theory on their Hinduism religions. They like to be called Hindu for short.

The Question of Identity:
2. The Hinduism has had many different forms of living and the way they like to demonstrate their God. Hindson & Cancer page 263. They believe that heaven doesn’t even exist and that their salvation is a shackle of their desire.
The Question of Meaning/Purpose:

3. A Hindu has several forms of goals. The Hindu life is to have pleasure, wealth, harmony and liberation. They fight against each other to have more pleasure and wealth. They believe you can be stricken and poor and be wealthy in another life. The harmony and liberation is the two individual in Hindson and Cancer page 263. The harmony is a form of them living in peace with all not just the living things. The...
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