The Origin Of Buddhism

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Over the last 3000 years Buddhism has been growing rapidly all over the world. Although the religion is somewhat difficult to understand, its beliefs, morals and traditions are extremely fascinating and there is a lot of truth and lessons to be learned. Even though these morals may not intertwine with what Christianity says it is important to be able to discern the good and the bad from it all. The first thing to look at while studying Buddhism is its origin.
Origin of Buddhism
Over three thousand years ago a colony in Siberia was formed. The colony dispersed and a percentage of people moved south, another percent to Western Europe, and the rest to North Eastern India. This was to form more Buddhist colonies and to spread the religion (Yee 1). Within the country of Siberia there was a King named Suddhodana and his beautiful wife Queen Mayadevi (Yee 2). A few years after they became King and Queen they gave birth to a son named Siddhartha, also known as Buddha (Yee 2). One evening while Siddhartha is all alone and thinking he decides to escape from the Palace and go for a walk. On his walk he was enlightened and discovered the truth of life. The three things that he witnessed were a sick man, a dead man, an old man, and a poor person (Scheck 8). These were essential for building the basis of Buddhism and helped to teach other believers how to live an honest and perfect life. When Siddhartha got married, he was then entitled to the throne of Siberia. He was conflicted with this choice and decided to leave his wife and son to become a monk. He felt this life was complete because it was full of serenity and unity (Yee 11). Once Siddhartha became a monk and went through all of his rituals in order obtain monkhood he changed h...

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... in the Christian faith we can get rid of negative thoughts and actions. Since they deal with a physical object it seems more magical and it deals with a spiritual realm that is very uncomforting.

From evaluating this Culture and Religion a lot closer, it gave me the ability to question some of their beliefs and back it up with my own beliefs, making my faith stronger. Although at first it was hard to grasp all the concepts and fit them together, it was very enriching to see how this Religion has expanded and developed. I think from evaluating this Religion further I am able to have more of an understanding for their faith, and am able to be more aware of other religions around me that I may not be accustomed to or comfortable with. I am so enriched from learning more about the Buddhist faith and gaining more knowledge about their culture and religion.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that buddhism's beliefs, morals, and traditions are fascinating and there is a lot of truth and lessons to be learned. the first thing to look at while studying buddhism is its origin.
  • Describes how siberia's colony dispersed over three thousand years ago to form more buddhist colonies and spread buddhism.
  • Explains that buddhism has been largely accepted and adhered to all around the world because of its diverse world.
  • Explains that buddhism is growing rapidly all over the world and the percentage of people who believe in it is at a steady incline.
  • Explains that buddhism is based on two doctrines and three parts of the canon, which they believe are sacred. the first doctrine created by buddha is the tipitaka which are three baskets.
  • Explains that the buddhist culture is strongly involved with their cultural customs and holidays, and it shows great honour to buddha.
  • Explains that buddhists worship their gods through meditation, mantras, mudras and the use of prayer wheels.
  • Explains that buddhism and christianity are similar in many ways, but both religions are uniquely their own.
  • Opines that a christian should look at the buddhist faith with an open mind.
  • Explains that evaluating the culture and religion closer gave them the ability to question some of their beliefs and back it up with their own beliefs, making their faith stronger.
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