The Organizational Structure Of Policing Agencies

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Law enforcement officers are trained to protect and provide a service to the community where they work. Without an organizational structure within the department, there would be no checks and balances. Every officer must know the functions of law enforcement to do their job effectively in the community and how to keep an open line of communication within and outside the policing agency. Preventing crime ensures the public safety while offering the presence of police in high or low populated areas. Preserving the peace gives the community a feeling of safety. Providing a service is not limited by the community where the officers service nor by the people who need help. This paper will examine the organizational structure of policing agencies, communication patterns within and outside of the agency, identifying existing issues with the police and community and how this issue can be resolved. Traditional Organizational Structures Policing Agencies The history of developing the police in the United States began much differently than what it is today. Before the term “police officer”, there were watchmen (law enforcement) who were developed in 1631 in Boston and New Amsterdam. Watchmen were citizens of the United States but they did not have any specialized training to be a police officer. The United Stated adopted Angelo-Sexton common law as their method to protect citizens and enforcing the law. In 1844, the first police department began to take shape in the United States but it was not until 1845 when the police department was fully operational and organized in New York City. Modern day law enforcement agencies have seen an overall improvement among diverse officers. The overall look of the police department has changed as well... ... middle of paper ... ...ethnic groups. When officers and agencies encourage community activities the presents of police can deter crime away from the area which allows preserving the peace. Conclusion The most important goal of any law enforcement agency is to make the citizens in the community feel safe and build a trusting relationship. The police department is an organization that encourages strong ethics, integrity, and community relationships. Within every police profession there is a set of rules and guidelines that should be followed; a system of rules is needed to help those making difficult decisions if and when an issue arises. Past actions are supposed to help shape the future therefore the relationship between ethnic groups and social class should not dictate how the police treat these individuals. All individuals should be treated with dignity and integrity.
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