The Oregon Trail: An Extensive Impact On Early America

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The Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail had an extensive impact on early America. It spread the population with approximately 50,000 people moving 2,000 miles west. The trail conceded of a group of paths. The route started in Missouri and finished in Oregon. The journey was 2,000 miles long and last about 5 months. With about 10 grave per mile by the end of a 30 year rage it was the longest graveyard in America. What was so bad with where they were at that they were willing to risk it all? Why was the rush to go west so vast? Every day the people were in fear that death was close by. What was so important to risk their lives and the lives of others for this odyssey? Even though the Oregon Trail was the main movement west there were a few people that…show more content…
The travelers would try to bring some of the heavier stuff they owned, typically like stoves, furniture and pianos. The wagons could only hold between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds and with the necessaries, there wasn’t a lot of weight to spare.The weight could cause the wagon to brake or the animals to have troubles pulling it. The travelers would get a few miles and realized that they have too much weight and have to leave it on the side of the road. Finding the perfect time to leave was difficult. Groups of people would try to leave in the early spring, right when the grass started growing again. Then the grass would provide food for the oxen and cows that they brought. If they waited to long for the grass they would be travel through the snow in the mountains. Without snow the mountains were hard already. The men of the groups commonly would help pull the wagons as the kid and women would place stones behind them. Then with the snow added it would cause difficulties pulling the wagon and…show more content…
With all of the passengers of one family packed into a wagon and the group sleeping near each other the diseases would spread quickly. Martha Freel went to Oregon in the 1850’s and wrote in a letter saying “you see we have lost 7 persons in a matter of a few short days, all died of Cholera”. Those “few short days” were only 13 days and they already lost 7 people. They would spared because everyone of a family was packed in one wagon, and at the in of the day they all sleep near each other. Then the diseases were not very easy to cure with their lack of medical advances. With the medical kits they did have didn’t consisted of a lot of medicine, but items that would make you think you’re feeling better called a placebo. They would consist of peppermint oils, rum, whisky, morphine and citric

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