The Order of the Knights Templar

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Historians do not have access to many documents that elaborate on the Knights Templar, but what they do have access to demonstrates that the Knights Templar, were extremely influential on the Medieval Church. The Knights Templar, a fairly controversial and secretive order, has been greatly misunderstood since the order began in the Middle Ages. Despite the misunderstandings and controversy, the Knights Templar had many good accomplishments; including protecting Christian pilgrims, defending the Church from heresy and blasphemy, and helping oppressed Christians.
The Knights Templar organization began in 1119 and was founded by nine knights. The organization began after 700 Christian pilgrims, whom were on the path to the Jordan River, were attacked by Saracens, the Muslim inhabitants of the deserts near Syria. Out of the 700, 300 were killed. After this massacre, two French noblemen Hugues de Payen and Godfrey de St Omer, were allowed an audience with Baldwin II, whom was the king of Jerusalem at the time, who gave them permission to start their order as a small monastic brotherhoo...
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