The Opposing Issue Of The Health Insurance Issue

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Healthcare Insurance Issue
More and more family are without healthcare coverage due to the increased economy. If the growth of the economy would decrease more and more family would be cover. The cost of coverage is a financial hardship. You find a greater number of people going to the emergency room because the providers cannot deny for care. The relatively low quality of care, and the large number of persons who are uninsured. Many Americans are without health insurance because the cost of living continues to increase, as well the cost of health insurance is steady increasing, and the quality care needs improvement.
If consumers would lower the cost of health insurance a lot of American would purchase health insurances. " HealthCare Issues."
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Lower income family are steady trying to keep the head above water to survive and to feed their families. Let alone it is too expensive to pay a monthly premium for healthcare. People rather just go to the emergency room to get treated because at the time of need they do not need to come out of pocket. People rather just billed and take care of it whenever they feel like it. From the Opposing Viewpoint, Healthcare Issue, states, "Americans are forced to go without health insurance entirely. This problem is exacerbated by the rising costs of care. Rising costs are the main reason why hundreds of thousands of companies have stopped offering health coverage for their workers. Also, due to the sluggish economy, many people have lost their jobs in recent years. This means that those who are unemployed often have no health care. Many who cannot find new jobs have been forced to take part-time work, and these jobs typically don’t offer health care benefits. The number of the uninsured continues to rise. Gallop polls found that 14.8 percent of Americans did not have health insurance in 2008. This number increased to 16.4 percent in 2010 and 17.1 percent in 2011." (Gale,2015) As the cost the living is increasing, healthcare cost is increasing as well. A lot of people in the world are without healthcare due to the cost. For instant my situation right now, due to my income I do not qualify…show more content…
For example, the last wait line to be seen by the physician. The quality care from the facility and the physician. The quality care for people who are uninsured and with low cost insurance need to some attention is this area. I have a lot experiences with this situation. When my sister had her twin girls they were placed in the NICU because they were born a little early and the girls had problem breathing. There have been times when we came to visit the babies, and the babies were laying in their own throw up or their diaper haven 't been changed. I feel that the quality of care is very important. Everybody should be treated all the same no matter what type of insurances the patient has from Community Eye Health suggested in there journal How can we improve patient care? "Existing problems in health care relate to both medical and non-medical factors and a comprehensive system that improves both aspects must be implemented. Health care systems in developing countries face an even greater challenge since quality and cost recovery must be balanced with equal opportunities in patient care." (Rao, 2002) “Improving patient care has become a priority for all health care providers with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. Greater awareness among the public, increasing demand for better care, more health care regulation, the rise in medical malpractice litigation.” (Rao,
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